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Scenic Voyages

Our scenic journeys at Tierra Hotels offer the chance to go exploring in Patagonia, the Atacama Desert and Chiloé Island with little demand for physical effort. Instead, these excursions are all about discovering beautiful locations further away from our lodges. These include birdwatching, photography opportunities and an immersion into each wonderfully remote destination. There may be some gentle, short walks involved. However, most of the traveling will be by van or boat – so you can just relax and take in the views.

Scenic Voyages Atacama

Our scenic voyages in the Atacama Desert are perfect for getting to know the far-flung landscapes that sit in some of the higher-altitudes of this desert playground.

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Scenic Voyages Chiloé

There is so much to see on the big island of Chiloé. You can do it by land or by sea, joining us for adventures that take you through dense forests, village markets and tiny forgotten islands in the archipielago.

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Scenic Voyages Patagonia

Pack your camera – you’ll be hypnotized by the natural wonders on each Patagonian scenic voyage, during which you’ll experience Torres del Paine’s raw beauty, squeezing as many of its wonderful sights into the day as possible!

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