Special Interests

Our special interest tours at Tierra Hotels are designed to bring you closer to each destination. These excursions are tailored to your own personal tastes. We offer everything from fly fishing in Patagonia, to meeting the shipbuilders of Chiloé and stargazing in the Atacama Desert. On each tour you’ll be accompanied by specialized guides who will help you uncover the unique quirks of these amazing places.

Special Interests Atacama

Our special interest excursions range from astronomy tours to viewing historic petroglyphs – each one offering you a distinct peek into the rich culture of the Atacama Desert.

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Special Interests Chiloé

Through our special interests activities at Tierra Chiloé, you can meet shipbuilders, visit smaller isolated islands on the archipelago and explore the famous UNESCO churches of the island.

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Special Interests Patagonia

There is so much to do during a stay at Tierra Patagonia and not everything fits into hiking or scenic drives. Check out our fly fishing and bird watching excursions that can give you another perspective of this austral place.

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