Water Activities

Across Torres del Paine, Chiloé Island and even the Atacama Desert, there are incredible bodies of water to discover. At Tierra Hotels we have special excursions intended just for that. You may find yourself kayaking on glacial lakes, sailing from island to island or relaxing in revitalizing desert hot springs. We have a whole range of water-based activities to bring you closer to nature.

Water Activities Atacama

When it comes to exploring the world’s driest desert, water is not the first thing that comes to mind. At Tierra Atacama, you can explore thermal springs, salt water pools and much more.

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Water Activities Chiloé

Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, water at Tierra Chiloé is a part of almost every excursion we have. Enjoy a day out on our wooden yacht or explore the inland channels by kayak. Here, its seaside living at its best.

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Water Activities Patagonia

From waterfalls, glaciers and pristine lakes, Patagonia is a beautiful place to see and experience the force and creative nature of this natural resource.

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