Tierra Patagonia – a Torres del Paine hotel

Wondering where to stay in Torres del Paine?

At Tierra Patagonia, considered one of the leading, eco-luxury Torres del Paine hotels, we invite you to forge your own relationship with the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. While staying at this sustainable Torres del Paine lodging, you’ll find yourself completely surrounded by wilderness, and you can enjoy an endless array of outdoor excursions and Torres del Paine tours. The architecture of the lodge is beautifully integrated with the landscape and offers stunning views of Torres del Paine. The hotel’s design is purely Patagonian with locally-sourced materials and artworks.


Every day is a new adventure.

Choose from a varied range of guided tours and excursions to explore the park your way. One day you might decide to go sailing on Lake Grey to see the glacier and icebergs up close. The next day you could go horse-riding on a Patagonian Estancia with the local Chilean cowboys known as “huasos”. If you like hiking, then you’ll be able to choose from hiking trips which explore every corner of the Torres del Paine national park. Whether you prefer to explore on foot, horseback, bike, or boat, our all-encompassing portfolio of tours and activities delves into every corner of Torres del Paine.


Adventure travel and simple luxury, blended into an unforgettable experience

Relaxation and pampering await you here after a day of exploring. Our Uma Spa restores your mind, body and soul, as do the warming fires and friendly service. Tierra Patagonia is a true home-from-home Torres del Paine lodge for exploring Torres del Paine where adventure travel and luxury are combined.

“My initial impression of Tierra Patagonia was, ‘where was it?’, it blended so well into the environment that it can only be seen up close.  The design was fantastic and the hotel felt relatively small considering the amount of rooms.  The view upon entering this hotel on a clear day has the WOW factor completely.” – Johnny, UK