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Horse Riding at Estancia Lazo

If you love nature and horse riding – or you’ve always wanted to try – there’s no better place to do it than here in the wonderland that is Torres del Paine, with the local Chilean gauchos at Estancia Lazo. Located on the southern shore of Lake Sarmiento, the ranch is reached via a beautiful drive along the lake from Tierra Patagonia.

At the estancia, we meet our horses and saddle up, ready for an adventure on horseback through mixed terrain and glorious scenery. The first hour is spent riding through an ancient lenga forest, before arriving at a clearing which treats us to astonishing views of the Paine Massif. Looking out over the iconic mountains of the Torres del Paine National Park, is sure to inspire and stay as a warm memory long after you return home.

Level: Easy
Duration: Half Day
  • Our ecotourism projects are aimed at supporting local communities and culture, while limiting unnecessary urbanization.
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Horse Riding at Estancia Lazo
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Horse Riding at Estancia Lazo
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Horse Riding at Estancia Lazo