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Kayaking on Lake Grey

Kayaking on Lake Grey is a privilege. The glacial waters create a peaceful sanctuary and while the towering ice sculptures may feel imposing, they also evoke a sense of child-like wonder and a beauty which is hard to describe. Sunlight pierces the ice blocks and the color changes from deep blue to a sparkling mass. In the distance you can hear the crack and heave of the Grey Glacier.

The first part of the day is spent on the lake, amongst the giant ice pieces which have broken off the main glacier and blown by the wind have landed at the far end of the lake. In the afternoon, conditions permitting, we take the kayaks down the river towards the Serrano area.

*At Tierra Patagonia, we offer many guided excursions which are included in our all-inclusive packages. However, this excursion has an additional cost and must be reserved at the time of booking, subject to availability of our local supplier.
Level: Easy
Duration: Full Day

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