A full-day Patagonia hiking trip along the Paso de Agostini, a little-known trail


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Hiking Patagonia’s Paso de Agostini

This full-day Patagonia hiking trip along the Paso de Agostini, is a little known trail, away from the crowds, with the iconic Paine Massif as a backdrop. Setting off from Estancia Lazo, we begin our adventure at Laguna Verde which, as its name suggests, is an open stretch of green water at the start of this scenic hiking trip.

We meander through lenga forest to reach a series of lookout points, with panoramic views of the lakes and mountains. We’ll make a stop for lunch along the way in a tranquil, natural setting, noting the wildlife around us, depending on the season. As we carry on, there is a short climb of around 10 minutes which takes us to a viewpoint where we can see the largest lake in the area, Lago del Toro, as well as the winding Paine River and imposing mountains across the horizon of stunning Patagonia.

This hiking trip ends with a fairly steep descent to Weber Bridge, our pickup point where the van is waiting to take us back to enjoy some well earnt pampering in the indoor heated pool, sauna or jacuzzi at the Tierra Patagonia adventure and spa hotel.

This is only one of several Patagonia hiking trips which the experienced guides at Tierra Patagonia offer to guests. One of the most iconic Patagonia treks is to the Base of the Three Towers, whilst some of the most stunning hiking in Torres del Paine is to be experienced on the trail to Lake Grey. Here is a full list of options for our full-day and half-day guided Patagonia hiking.

You may have read about the legendary Torres del Paine W trek, but did you know that you can do all the main hikes with Tierra Patagonia, whilst enjoying the pampering and comfort of the our eco-luxury Patagonia lodge?

Level: Medium – Difficult
Duration: Full Day

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Hiking Patagonia’s Paso de Agostini
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Hiking Patagonia’s Paso de Agostini
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Hiking Patagonia’s Paso de Agostini


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