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Patagonian Ecosystem Conservation

Let nature surprise you on this excursion, which offers impressive sightings of pumas, condors, Patagonian rheas, guanacos, and black-chested buzzard eagles, among other species.  As you make your way through different trails, where it’s important to move carefully so as not to disturb the environment, you’ll be able to observe and learn about native fauna in their natural habitat.

Cerro Guido Conservation Foundation

This foundation is dedicated to developing actions that promote the coexistence between the native wildlife, the ranchers, and the tourism Industry.  They have implemented non-invasive techniques such as camera traps to understand, study and assess the behavior of the puma and other species, and their cohabitation alongisde humans, which has allowed the Foundation to advance in the study and conservation of the austral puma species.

The excursion begins at sunrise heading towards the condoreras lookout, home to an important community of condors and one of the most incredible views of the Torres del Paine and Valley below, where you can observe the land using binoculars or with the naked eye.  Here you will learn about the project that studies and monitors pumas, and will be able to review the cameras used to track them, to support their conservation.  You will get to visit and learn about the sheep and cow pastures, before stopping to enjoy a delicious breakfast in the middle of the Patagonian countryside, with bird and animal sightings always a possibility.  Afterwards you’ll head to the gauchos’ estate, where you’ll learn about the Pyrenean and shepherding dogs and how they help to protect the sheep. At the end of the excursion, we will have lunch at Estancia Cerro Guido and return to Tierra Patagonia afterwards.

*This activity has an additional cost to benefit the efforts of the Cerro Guido Conservation Foundation.

Level: Easy
Duration: Half Day

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