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Sailing to Glacier Grey and Touring the Paine Massif

Glacier Grey is probably one of the most well-known glaciers in Chile and is a popular glacier to visit whilst on a vacation to Torres del Paine.  Sailing on Lake Grey is a great way to get up close to the large icebergs which sometimes accumulate in the lake.

This excursion takes you through the Torres del Paine National Park to the western area, with a full overview of the main sites of interest. You’ll be amazed by the monolithic, unforgiving outline of the Paine Massif’s distinctive ‘horns’, just as jaw-dropping up close as you would imagine. The Macizo del Paine, as it’s known in Spanish, is made of granite, which playfully reflects the constantly-changing Patagonian sunlight and nearby waters. Be sure to have your camera to hand, as you won’t want to miss a single shot of this amazing place.

Afterwards, we’ll pass through Nothofagus woodland to reach the beach on Grey Lake, where you can spot large ice floes floating in the water. Here we board the catamaran and sail out towards Glacier Grey, surrounded by the impressive peaks of the Paine mountain range. You’ll be awestruck by the 19 kilometer-long ice formation, and even more amazed to find that there is an island in the middle of the glacier!

*At Tierra Patagonia, we offer many guided excursions which are included in our all-inclusive packages. However, the sailing activity has an additional cost and must be reserved at the time of booking, subject to availability of our local supplier.
*The tour is subject to seasonal operation of sailings and weather conditions on Grey Lake.
Level: Easy
Duration: Full Day