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Sierra Baguales / Estancia Cerro Guido

From the hotel we head out towards the Sierra Baguales, north east of the National Park and close to the Argentine border. The scenery here is completely different from the Paine Massif and the geology is impressive. We walk along the bank of the Baguales River, looking for fossils and enjoying the remoteness and views of this mostly unexplored valley. When the walk is finished, we head back towards the hotel, stopping off to visit Cerro Guido, an estancia (ranch) which was born at the end of the XIX century as part of the “Sociedad Explotadora Tierra del Fuego” the largest and best known cattle ranch in Patagonia. Made up of farm workers and their families, the settlement is entirely self sufficient, and there is an ironsmith, carpenters workshop, Fire Station, sheep shearing shed, stables, and a pen for the sheep dogs, amongst others. Here we can enjoy the beautiful views and learn more about life in this remote area. Depending on the time of year, we may see sheep being sheared, horses being broken in, or young animals being born.

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