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Valle Francés

We will begin this part of the W Trail by leaving the hotel in the direction of Pudeto. Here we will board a catamaran to cross Lake Pehoé towards Paine Grande, where our journey to the Valle Francés (French Valley) begins.

We will walk along the Paine Grande Mountain on a narrow, stony path, with many roots and small footbridges to avoid the mud; from there we will see two beautiful lakes with views of the Cuernos or Horns.

After 7 kilometers, we will reach the bridge that crosses the French River and we will begin to climb through a forest, where we will be able to appreciate the hanging Glacier del Frances that spills into the Paine Grande. If the pace of the hike and the climate allow, we will continue climbing for another hour, passing through lenga and coihue forests, by moraines and waterfalls until we reach the “Plató” scenic lookout, where we will have lunch with unique views of the imposing Paine Grande and the beautiful granite rocks across from us.

We will return along the same path and then take a detour to continue towards the catamaran to cross Lake Pehoé and return to the hotel.

Level: Medium
Duration: Full Day
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