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Tierra Patagonia

Patagonia South America

Torres del Paine location – Patagonia Map

As you will see on any Patagonia Map, Torres del Paine is located in Chilean Patagonia in the South of Chile, in the Magallanes Region. It is a National Park full of mountains, rivers, lakes and glaciers and is a bucket-list destination for any traveller looking for adventure. It is world-renowned for the three “Torres”, or Towers which dominate the park, carved from granite during the ice age. Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, horse-riding or scenic trips, Tierra Patagonia will help you to discover hidden corners of the National Park.


How to get to Patagonia from Santiago

From the capital, Santiago de Chile, take a flight to either Puerto Natales airport or Punta Arenas airport, noting that the airport of Puerto Natales is only open during the Chilean summer months. LATAM Airlines, Jetsmart and Sky Airline operate several daily flights to Punta Arenas, taking around 4 hours from Santiago. You can also charter a private plane between Santiago, Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales.

Where is Tierra Patagonia Hotel located?

As you can see on the map of Patagonia, just 25 minutes from the Torres del Paine National Park entrance, Tierra Patagonia Adventure and Spa Hotel sits comfortably on the shores of Lake Sarmiento. Surrounded on all sides by rolling pampa blanketed in evergreen shrubs, the hotel looks directly on to the waters of Lake Sarmiento with the Paine Massif filling the horizon above it.

Our large Torres del Paine map is great for planning daily excursions

From Punta Arenas Airport, it is a drive of around 4 or 4.5 hours to Tierra Patagonia. We provide a regular transfer shared with other guests, on a daily basis, which is included in our all-inclusive packages, starting at three nights.

Additionally, we offer transfers from the pier in Punta Arenas for anyone taking a cruise, from the border crossing with Argentina at Cerro Castillo.

* Please note: All transfers have specific pick-up and drop-off times. Contact our Reservations team for more information.


Driving to Torres del Paine National Park.

If driving yourself to the hotel from Punta Arenas, take Route 9 northbound, travelling roughly 250km to Puerto Natales. On arrival in Puerto Natales, continue on Route 9 North, heading towards Cerro Castillo, roughly 55km away. At Cerro Castillo, continue northbound, taking all roundabout exits which point towards Torres del Paine until the road gradually turns from asphalt to gravel for 31km, where you will arrive at a distinct crossroads. A large red and white building will appear just before it, you’ll notice a shed-like bus shelter and sign indicating ‘Cerro Guido 17km’. Take a left at this crossroads, heading in the direction of the national park entrances of Portería Sarmiento and Laguna Amarga. After 4km, a red gate with black posts and sign for Tierra Patagonia will be on your left, enter and continue on for 800m until reaching the hotel!

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Torres del Paine location – Patagonia Map
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Torres del Paine location – Patagonia Map
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Torres del Paine location – Patagonia Map