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The Best of Patagonia trip itinerary

Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia is on many people’s bucket list, and rightly so. The majestic Paine Massif, stunning glaciers and amazing wildlife make this a must-see destination for your Patagonia trip and your adventure in Chile.
At Tierra Patagonia adventure and spa lodge, our expert guides and friendly staff are on hand to ensure you get the most out of your Patagonia trip. The sample itinerary below will give you an idea of what your adventure could be like, though it is purely for inspiration, as every experience at our all-inclusive Patagonia luxury lodge is completely unique.
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Undeniably one of the world’s great destinations for all manner of outdoor activities, the Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia has it all. From gentle walks and photography tours to kayaking, biking, horse riding and hiking, there is an activity for everyone to enjoy on their Patagonia Trip.

Tierra patagonia is a family friendly all inclusive resort for Torres del Paine - Chile vacations

There are two main reasons why this region is so sought after: one is the abundance of outdoor adventures across the varied terrain and mixed natural environments, and the other is the enjoyment of its natural beauty.

Tierra Patagonia is an award-winning, sustainable, luxury adventure lodge which provides all-inclusive packages for a truely memorable Patagonia trip experience. All packages include lodging, meals, transfers and daily guided excursions around Torres del Paine National Park.

If looking to visit Santiago, during your stay at Tierra Patagonia, why not take advantage of this package, as with the booking of a 5-night all-inclusive program you will receive the following, FREE:*

*This offer is only available during certain times of the year and may not be used in conjunction with any other promotion, offer or discounted rate.

The Best of Patagonia - 5 Nights at Tierra Patagonia

Sample Itinerary – Activities are subject to availability and weather conditions

Day 1 – Arrival and Half-day Hike in Torres del Paine

After arriving at Tierra Patagonia early in the afternoon, there’s no better way to settle in than by enjoying a delicious lunch in our dining room, looking out over the silhouette of Torres del Paine. Upon your arrival, our guides will chat through all of your tastes and preferences when it comes to outdoor activities, together coming up with that perfect excursion plan for your Patagonia adventure over the next few days.

You might want to get started straight away, in which case a half-day tour is just the ticket; such as an off-the-beaten path hike to a nearby panoramic lookout point, with the chance to see Condors swooping overhead while there.

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  • Discover Torres del Paine national park in Patagonia, Chile

Day 2 – Hunter’s Trail: Exploring the Aonikenk Culture

Any early taste of adventure in Torres del Paine will no doubt leave you wanting more, and today there’ll be plenty in store with two half-day activities offering the chance to delve deep into Chilean Patagonia.

After breakfast, head out to embark on the Hunter’s Trail, witnessing remnants of Aonikenk culture through cave paintings splayed on the rock walls. The Aonikenk were native people of this land, hunter-gatherer nomads who used the rocks as a canvas for conveying messages to one another, which we can still see to this day.

The Paine Massif accompanies you throughout this walk, its striking silhouette dominating the background, and there’s also a chance to spot wildlife, including Guanacos, Foxes and Condors, so be sure to keep an eye out while here.

As for the afternoon? Choose between another half-day excursion or time out in the Uma Spa, where you can line yourself up with a relaxing therapy or two, simply allowing any stresses to melt away.

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Day 3 –Base of the Towers Hike, or Scenic Journey through Torres del Paine

Keen hikers will need to fuel up well this morning, ahead of a full-day trek; Base of the Three Towers. Lasting approximately eight hours in total, the trails themselves are as rewarding as the eventual endpoint, standing at the foot of Las Tres Torres, or the ‘Three Towers’; the perfect place to stop for a picnic lunch and relish this astounding view.

These granite centurions have stood watch over this part of Patagonia for millennia, attracting plenty of outdoor explorers and keen mountaineers in the process. Upon returning to the hotel, a celebratory drink at the bar is in order; as is a well-deserved meal in our restaurant!

An alternative for this full-day hike could be a scenic tour by road to some of the national park’s best lookout points; all in one day. There’s no doubt you’ll be amazed by the sharp, unforgiving outline of the Paine Massif’s distinctive ‘horns’, the star of the show here in Patagonia and just as jaw-dropping up close as you would imagine. Be sure to have your camera to hand, as you won’t want to miss a single snapshot of this amazing place.

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Day 4 – Horseback Riding through Patagonia

For something a bit different today, why not go for a horseback tour? Our rides in Patagonia allow guests see Patagonia in a way that is both spiritual and respectful to nature.

The rides are led by authentic Gauchos – Patagonian cowboys – who not only know the land inside out, but also the horses, which have been raised in this unspoilt place and are trained for both beginners and experts.

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Day 5 - Sailing to the Grey Glacier and Touring the Paine Massif

This excursion takes you through the Torres del Paine National Park to the western area, with a full overview of the main sites of interest. You’ll be amazed by the monolithic, unforgiving outline of the Paine Massif’s distinctive ‘horns’, just as jaw-dropping up close as you would imagine.

Afterwards, we’ll pass through Nothofagus woodland to reach the beach on Grey Lake, where you can spot large ice floes floating in the water. Here we board the catamaran and sail out towards the Grey Glacier, surrounded by the impassive peaks of the Paine mountain range. You’ll be awestruck by the 19 kilometer-long ice formation, and even more amazed to find that there is an island in the middle of the glacier! We will return to the hotel by van.

Take the rest of the afternoon to relax at the bar and enjoy a glass of Chilean wine or a signature drink designed by our bartender.

*Additional cost

Day 6 – Final Hike and Airport Transfer

On your final day, one last outdoor activity can be enjoyed in our backyard at Lake Sarmiento, where you’ll be joined by the mountains of the Paine Massif and Sierra Baguales.

Low-lying vegetation ensures the route is nice and easy, leaving time to focus not on unnecessary strenuous exertion but instead on the surrounding majesty and abundant wildlife to be found here, with sightings of Eagles, Foxes, Rheas and Condors commonplace throughout the route.

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