Gazing out at Torres del Paine Massifs from Tierra Patagonia adventure spa hotel

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Tierra Patagonia

The Torres del Paine Massif’s silhouette serves as a backdrop for Uma Spa at the Tierra Patagonia Adventure & Spa hotel. It is a luxury to indulge in our outdoor hot tub or switch between the steam room and indoor pool.   Encased in tall glass walls, you’ll feel effortlessly connected to Torres del Paine all the while enjoying our Patagonia spa & wellness facilities.

Patagonia Spa Facilities

The highlight of Uma Spa is our heated, indoor pool, complete with hydro-massage and water jets, all encased in a glass-paneled sanctuary, offering views of the wild surroundings. It’s not unusual to spot Patagonian wildlife from here either. Our spa circuit incorporates various temperatures and spaces for relaxation or to revitalize, including a pool, steam room, and soothing relaxation spaces. Outside, our open-air whirlpool tub offers the chance to soak in warm waters, while taking in views of Torres Del Paine and perhaps even spotting a guanaco or ñandú which has wandered up to the lodge.

  • Our spa facilites are perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation after an exhilarating day exploring Patagonia

Therapies & Massages

Enter a zen-like state in our treatment rooms, with aromatherapy oils, peaceful sounds and soft lighting. Our wellness space, which includes a yoga studio and separate relaxation rooms for men and women, is clad in warm, locally sourced wood and stone, while treatments and therapies use all-natural ingredients. Take your pick from an extensive list of facials, massages, body wraps, scrubs and alternative therapies, designed to open up your ‘prana’, or ‘life force’, promoting positive thoughts and wellbeing.

  • Part of the simple luxury of this Patagonia hotel spa is to indulge in a therapy or massage after an invigorating outdoor excursion.

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