Tierra Patagonia

Torres del Paine National Park is world-renowned for its great hiking paths and stunning views. From pristine forests, blue glaciers and interesting wildlife – hiking at Tierra Patagonia is not to be missed.

In Tierra’s Backyard: An Exclusive Excursion

What better introduction is there to this magical place than an intimate walk reserved exclusively for Tierra Patagonia?

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Hunter’s Trail: A Close-up of Indigenous History

Glimpse a slice of regional heritage on this hike past Lago Sarmiento, as you witness remnants of Aonikenk culture through cave paintings splayed on the rock walls.

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Cornices: To the Cliff Edge in Search Birdlife

The many magnificent and highly accessible mountain lookout points which characterize Patagonia are simply crying out to be explored and enjoyed, with each one providing a different, though equally spectacular experience.

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Origins of Life: Ancient Geology at Lake Sarmiento

Unearth thousands of years of geology on this hike to Lake Sarmiento, where you’ll find rare rock formations that reflect the beginnings of the Earth’s history.

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Discover the Lesser-known Pingo Valley

Expect a dizzying confection of pristine forest, gushing waterfalls and ravishing views on this full-day hike through the lesser-visited Pingo Valley. Leaving the hotel, our destination is the Grey entrance of Torres del Paine National Park, reached via Sarmiento and taking roughly one and a half hours; our drive, however, will endow us with striking […

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Encountering the Grey Glacier and Lake Grey

This challenging hike will reward us with infinitely varied surroundings, from trickling rivers and verdant vegetation to the glassy Lake Grey and glistening Grey Glacier beyond.

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Paso de Agostini

Expect to be dazzled by an array of gorgeous lakes on this full-day hike along the Paso de Agostini, with the iconic Paine Massif serving as a worthy backdrop.

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To the Base of the Three Towers

A legendary route among the hiking community or an eye-opening experience for avid walkers seeking one of Patagonia’s greatest adventures, whichever camp you fall into; this exhilarating mountain trek has it all.

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