Special Interests

Tierra Patagonia

From fly-fishing to birdwatching, these special excursions are designed to allow our guests to explore Patagonia a bit more depending on their own personal interests.

Hunter’s Trail: A Close-up of Indigenous History

Glimpse a slice of regional heritage on this hike past Lago Sarmiento, as you witness remnants of Aonikenk culture through cave paintings splayed on the rock walls.

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Cornices: To the Cliff Edge in Search Birdlife

The many magnificent and highly accessible mountain lookout points which characterize Patagonia are simply crying out to be explored and enjoyed, with each one providing a different, though equally spectacular experience.

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Origins of Life: Ancient Geology at Lake Sarmiento

Unearth thousands of years of geology on this hike to Lake Sarmiento, where you’ll find rare rock formations that reflect the beginnings of the Earth’s history.

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Birdwatching in Torres del Paine

Birdwatchers delight, as the undulating plains, thick forests and changeable microclimates of Torres del Paine are home to a surprising number of native bird species, making for a wondrous nature walk in the early hours, when the local wildlife is at its most active.

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Fishing in Chilean Patagonia

For those who are truly passionate about fishing, don’t miss the chance to delve into the pristine corners of Torres del Paine on this angling adventure.

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Kayaking on Lake Grey

Kayaking on Lake Grey is a privilege. The glacial waters create a peaceful sanctuary and while the towering ice sculptures may feel imposing, they also evoke a sense of child-like wonder and a beauty which is hard to describe. Sunlight pierces the ice blocks and the color changes from deep blue to a sparkling mass. […]

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