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Photographing Torres del Paine

Diego Salas

Absolutely everyone travelling through Chilean Patagonia is impressed when these awe-inspiring mountains first appear on the horizon. Some prefer to sit silently, contemplating them with a smile; others jump up and down after seeing something in real life that they have so longed to see. Of course, each person will react as they will, but there is one thing they will all do: take photos!

As happens with other wonders of the world, Torres del Paine is the main attraction during the adventures of many visitors who travel to extreme southern Chile. For some witnessing this unique landscape, coming away from it with a photograph that does it justice will seem almost obligatory. For this reason, we would like to offer some suggestions for taking great photos of this natural monument.

Firstly, we would like to emphasize the spectacular nature of the sunsets. Before night falls, sunlight paints the silhouette of this mountain range with different shades of red. The view is awe-inspiring, but you must be prepared and focused to take a good photo, because the scene lasts mere minutes. If you are interested in videos, try a time lapse.

Our second tip has to do with reflections. The unique geography of Patagonia features small lagoons that act as natural mirrors. Many photographers like to make use of these effects, achieving very interesting results.

If you’d like to photograph the Torres del Paine from up close, you should take an excursion to Base Torres. If weather conditions are favorable and you are in good shape, you can reach the foot of the three mastiffs in about four hours. We recommend you leave very early and travel light to avoid running out of time and to take advantage of the best light. This adventure requires preparation and the appropriate clothing, but it pays dividends in terms of visual possibilities for your camera.

Do you like animals? During excursions in Patagonia, it is not unusual to see guanaco families. If they are not feeling threatened, they tend to naturally strike poses coveted by photographers. We also recommend that you look to the sky, because you may see a condor showing off its enormous wingspan. But that is not all, if you are lucky and paying attention, a puma may even cross your path. The landscape surrounding Torres del Paine is full of interesting wildlife; our suggestion is to be sure to maintain a safe distance, have your camera ready with a good zoom and be patient.

We are awaiting your visit to Tierra Patagonia. If you are interested in photography, you can let us know so we will be made aware of your interest and can help you get the best photos during your stay.