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Privacy Policy

Asesorías e Inversiones Katari S.A., hereinafter Tierra Hotels, Tax ID 76.637.140-K, contact email, with address at Renato Sanchez 4270, Las Condes, Santiago, is represented by Mr. Pablo Juan Lundahl, Tax ID 28.039.381-9.

Privacy and Confidentiality Statements

The following statements, intend to inform users about the scope of the overall protection of personal data stored in files, registers, banks or data bases; or other technical means of data processing, in pursuit of a proper respect for the right of personal privacy, as well as to the free access of information about these people that may eventually be registered.

In this way, in light of the set goal, Tierra Hotels ensures that the data collected through the website, will always be treated in a way that preserves the aforementioned protective order that the personal data protection establishes.

The confidentiality of the private communications between Tierra Hotels and the users, will involve keeping the information in files, banks or data bases, so that access by users or third parties will be restricted.

Willfulness in data delivery

These statements are meant to inform users about the personal data processing, carried out by Tierra Hotels, in order for them to freely and voluntarily determine the approval that will include them in the company’s delivery list.

Purpose of the collected data

The collection and processing of personal data has an ultimate purpose of provision, management, administration, customization, update and improvement of the content available through communication deliveries (newsletters) done by Tierra Hotels. Moreover, the data may also be used to send personalized pieces of communication to the users, in terms of content and services provided by the business.

Use Authorization

The user that provides their personal information expressly authorizes Tierra Hotels for the use of such data in the listed purposes.

Data owner’s right.

In addition, and as a consequence of the guarantee of protected rights, allowing the access at all times to the information by people linked to the registered data, is also expressed as a purpose. In this way, the user will be able to exercise rights of data access, modification or cancellation.

Once the data entry is done, Tierra Hotels will proceed to personal data modification, deletion or update when needed.

Deleting data won’t be carried out if there’s a possibility of causing damage to the rights or legit interests of a third party, or when there’s a legal obligation to keep data.

The right to require data correction: Initially, this right may be exercised in the presence of phoniness, inaccuracy, imprecision or misleading nature of the data. Its recognition involves the preservation of the information’s accuracy, which contributes to the quality of the collected data.

The right to require data update: The update rests on preserving the data’s validity, that is, the correspondence of the fraction of information that represents the timeframe in which it’s provided.

Adopted security Politics

When it comes to files, banks or data bases that contain personal information, Tierra Hotels takes all the logic and physical security measures required by the regulations that come as a result of the adequate prudence and diligence of the third party’s protection, who have deposited their trust in Tierra Hotels.

Sending messages and communications

Some of the pieces of communication sent by Tierra Hotels will include: news to present a product, service, corporate information, content that may be of interest, messages to confirm subscriptions, to notify changes in terms and conditions or in the Privacy Policy.

If at some point you decide you don’t want to receive our deliveries anymore, you’ll be able to unsubscribe automatically through a link included in all our emails.

Exceptions to our stock of Personal and miscellaneous information

In compliance of our legal obligations, your personal information – or any other type of specific data about you or your account that’s available to us, in an intentional or casual way – may be revealed to third parties in order to fulfill legal procedures, such as a search warrant, court order, subpoena or administrative authority’s requirements (that may be considered valid under applicable laws).

Also, not only for our protection, but for your and other user’s one, your personal information may be disclosed in a case that presents an attempt of security breach, physical danger or threat against you, us or a third person.

Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded onto a user’s hard drive when they access certain websites. This technology is commonly used across the large majority of websites. Most of the cookies that we use on this website are necessary to enable you to move around the site and to use its features. The cookies we use fall into the following categories:

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