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The enchantment of sailing through Chiloé

Diego Salas

Williche – Hotel Tierra Chiloé

Sailing is a part of daily life for the locals of Chiloé.  In fact, water is the only option for many of them to get to their destinations.  They move between islands using different types of boats without allowing the constantly changing climate to hinder their travels.

The treacherous geography of this place has helped to build the identity of the people who have lived alongside the sea over many, many years.  A well-known Mapuche legend tells that the origin of this archipelago, made up of more than fourty islands of different sizes, occurred after an intense battle between two mythical beings, Caicai and Trentren Vilu, snakes that represent the sea and the earth, respectively.

Traversing the archipelago alongside a Chilote, can be a fantastic adventure to enjoy as a family, couple or with friends.  The variety of multicolor landscapes, along with the flora and fauna that can be seen during the journey, become even more interesting when accompanied by the histories and legends that abound in this magnificent region.

Tierra Chiloé Hotel

Located in front of the southern coasts of Chile, the archipelago of Chiloé is composed of one big island and several smaller islands and islets.  The Pacific Ocean surrounds and carves out this particular geography, creating beaches, pensinsulas, fjords, marshes, bays, etc., leading to a healthy biodiversity which different animals, especially migratory birds, have chosen to inhabit.  Scientists who study and protect the Chilote ecosystem and tourists alike are marvelled by this place.

At Tierra Chiloé we offer a diverse menu of activities so that all of our guests can enjoy unforgettable excursions and have a first-hand experience with the culture of the island.  Our wooden yacht, the well-loved “Williche”, allows us to share a unique experience with our guests over the seas of southern Chile.  In each journey we ensure our guests are always safe and well-informed, so that they can each discover the beautiful landscapes that we visit, their way.