sustainable tourism is always our priority at our sustainable hotels in chile
Tierra Hotels

Our Sustainability Programs

From the beginning, our aim at Tierra Hotels was to create sustainable lodges with inviting spaces to connect visitors with the beauty of Chile.

Inspired by Nature

We chose remote and inspiring destinations for our sustainably designed hotels, seeking out special locations that afford privileged views of the stunning scenery which surrounds each one. Then, we called upon talented Chilean architects to create our hotels using quality materials, while also drawing on age-old construction techniques. To capture each respective destination while within the Tierra hotels themselves, each property’s design pays homage to the local countryside and cultures, with gardens enriched by indigenous plant species and traditional crops, promising a farm-to-fork dining experience for all of our guests.

In addition, since we were committed to minimizing our impact on the environment during this process, our mission was to find the most effective way of becoming ever-more eco-conscious. As such, we launched initiatives at our sustainable hotels that would meet these demands, including the use of renewable energy, protecting natural resources, overseeing waste management and securing strong relationships with local communities and likeminded organizations. We are certain that, by devoting ourselves to sustainable tourism, we can work to preserve the natural richness and diversity of these lands and continue to inspire travelers from around the world, as they discover the true spirit of Chile.

Our Sustainability Policy

Given that the regions in which our sustainable hotels are located – the Atacama Desert, Chiloé and Patagonia – all possess different needs and priorities; our sustainability policy is based on three pillars and 10 commitments, which are adapted to each geographical region.


  • We have environmentally friendly
  • architecture and design
  • We respect and preserve biodiversity
  • We conserve energy
  • We cherish water
  • We avoid waste
  • We reduce pollution
  • Sociocultural

  • We value the local heritage and culture
  • We partner with like-minded foundations to support our efforts
  • Economic

  • We seek visitor satisfaction
  • We encourage local prosperity
  • ‘Travel is a tool for change; an opportunity to deepen our awareness and connect with the native beauty of Chile and beyond, because being immersed in nature makes it easier to want to protect it and ensure its legacy lives on for future generations.’

    Miguel Purcell, Managing Director of Tierra Hotels.

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