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Tierra Hotels chefs meet to define their culinary philosophy

The Tierra Hotel chefs held a flavorful summit full of stories and innovation. The leaders of the Tierra Atacama, Tierra Chiloé and Tierra Patagonia kitchens met in a collaborative atmosphere to define the distinctive culinary seal they would like to put on each destination.

Corporate chef Martin Molteni led the Tierra Hotels chefs and sous chefs in a variety of activities as they shared their knowledge while living together for six days in a house in eastern Santiago.

“This culinary summit earned the nickname ‘Big Brother’ among participants. It was a place for us to immerse ourselves and limit distractions, to delve into our customs and traditions, and to consider different flavors, aromas and ingredients. It’s like writing new stories,” says Martín Molteni, adding that “territories, products, traditions and producers were recognized and identified to allow each chef to consider their hotel destination from their own perspective and knowledge.”

One of the activities consisted of visiting different avant-garde restaurants that are groundbreakers in the international presentation of evolving Chilean cuisine. “We wanted to take in a different point of view, to analyze it and contrast it to the work that is being done in our hotels.”

Martin Molteni, corporate chef of Tierra Hotels, was chosen for his experience and expertise in using local products and environments to develop themes related to the identity of origin, tradition and creativity. “We defined the direction of Tierra Hotels’ kitchens during this meeting so that they would evolve into the future with a deep sense of identity,” he commented after the event.

Martín is recognized for his life’s work and passion for gastronomy that he discovered at an early age in his family’s restaurant. He has cooked in renowned restaurants with great chefs, in addition to being honored with a variety of awards and chosen as a judge for international culinary competitions. He completed apprenticeships in Argentina, Australia and Europe, then returned to rediscover the Latin American region and culture at-large. His restaurant Puratierra was listed on the “50 Best Latam” for three years as the best restaurant and for the chef of the year.

Martín Molteni, Chef Corporativo de Tierra Hotels

Tierra Hotels: Gastronomy with local identity

Leading the hotel kitchens are: Álvaro Covarrubias at Tierra Patagonia, Francisco Castañeda at Tierra Chiloé and Francisco Valencia at Tierra Atacama. Each one polishes and refines to lend an endemic nature to their kitchens and preparations, while maintaining the essence of the ingredients. 

Francisco Valencia has been at Tierra Atacama for 15 years and is passionate about Chilean cuisine. “I have always tried to safeguard dishes characteristic of the Atacama and northern cuisine, seeking to make the most of local products and to collaborate with local suppliers. This summit was very fruitful, because it was enriching to see chefs at work who are doing things well and making a difference, they are an example and inspiration for the whole team.”

I want to highlight the camaraderie and the good vibes felt among all present,” adds Tierra Patagonia chef Álvaro, who says that this event helped him realize that, deep down, they all face the same challenges and that there are plenty of opportunities to create and improve.

Francisco Castañeda, chef de Tierra Chiloé; Álvaro Covarrubias, Chef de Tierra Patagonia, y Francisco Valencia, Chef de Tierra Atacama

After the meeting, the chefs returned to their respective kitchens to reinvent their menus and create new dishes, where they sought to put into practice the ideas and concepts they had acquired to lend local character to their cuisine and tell a story that reflects the roots and culture of each destination.

These are some of the ingredients that you will find on the new and updated menus. All three hotels prioritize the use of fresh, local products and a playful combination of colors, flavors and textures.

At Tierra Atacama, the focus is on the typical varieties of corn, fresh fish – brought in from the coast – and herbs from the high plains. At Tierra Patagonia, cauliflower, rhubarb, lamb, guanaco and cassava are featured. For Tierra Chiloé, the native potatoes, algae, mussels and smoked pork that honor the ancestral cuisine and the way in which food was traditionally preserved on the island. 

Regarding curanto, inspired by islands, Tierra Chiloé chef Francisco Castañeda claims “it is undoubtedly the emblematic dish of Chiloé: A mix of tradition, culture and community solidarity. Curanto is prepared in a hole with hot stones; it includes ingredients such as seafood, meats, vegetables and delicious milcaos (traditional potato pancakes) and chapaleles (potato bread).” Total preparation time is approximately 4 hours and involves the participation of many people, traditionally family members and neighbors.

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