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Tierra Hotels is recharging for next season

Diego Salas

Though we knew this moment would come, we’re still filled with emotion.  A few days ago, according to plan, Tierra Atacama, Tierra Chiloé and Tierra Patagonia finalized their season.  During this time, we enjoyed a warm reencounter with our guests, nature, and local cultures of each destination.

The Atacama Desert, the archipelago of Chiloé, and Torres del Paine National Park, made for the perfect places for our guests to relax and go on adventure.  Not only did they come to escape their daily routines, they discovered a profound and respectful way to get closer to nature.

The reopening dates for our hotels are as follows: July 1st for Tierra Atacama, and October 1st for Tierra Patagonia and Tierra Chiloé.

This scheduled pause allows us to prepare each detail and assure us that everything is in optimal conditions to welcome our guests once again.  It also allows us to fondly look back on some of the magical moments we experienced together at each of our destinations.

Unforgettable experiences at Tierra Hotels

“It’s simply paradise!  The colors of the sunset against the volcano are insane, it looks almost fake,” Julia Flabat told her followers on Instagram after a visit to Tierra Atacama with her family.


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The actor Luka Peros, who also visited the Atacama Desert with his family, had a similar experience.  “This trip was special in many ways.  I have always been fascinated with this place, one of the driest places on the planet.  We saw wildlife and had a delicious breakfast surrounded by nature, prepared by our charming guide Fabi.  I hope to return and explore the area even more,” said ‘Marsella’, from the show Money Heist, on his Instagram.

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Many photographers visit our hotels, drawn to their beautiful landscapes and the chance to observe wild animals in their natural habitats.  As is the case of Jonathan Irish, who also “took over” our social media to tell our followers about his experiences in Torres del Paine and San Pedro de Atacama.

“While at Atacama, we hiked through valleys full of cacti, walked across lunar-like surfaces, gazed at high-altitude geysers, and spotted wildlife such as the vicuña.  They were all amazing experiences, but my favorite was simply watching the sunset across the altiplano with my wife,” Jonathan Irish commented.

“Without a doubt, my favorite experience at Tierra Patagonia was seeing the puma mother and two cubs.  They are rare to see, and you have to be either very lucky or very patient (or both) to get a glimpse.  But this one morning we had an amazing sighting of not one but three pumas, all very calm in front of the camera. It was an experience I will never forget,” the photographer told us.

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Cristian Sepúlveda, content creator, visited Tierra Chiloé with his partner to relax and recharge.  “Not only is the place beautiful, the service and the people are the best.  The chef and everyone in the kitchen, are awesome.  Every day there was a different menu, and every day was more delicious!  The guides are all very cool,” he commented.

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Excursions are an excellent way to learn more about the local culture.  “From Tierra Chiloé we sailed through the interior archipelago to the island of Chelín.  We went inside its ancient church from 1888, we made new friends, we went to a lookout and we recharged our batteries,” the swimmer Bárbara Hernández told her followers on social media.

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José Velasco, audiovisual producer on the Chilean television series Plan V, also highlighted the connection between Tierra Chiloé and its surroundings.  “We didn’t just film, we also disconnected from the world and reconnected with ourselves, with nature,” he explained.

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Without a doubt, there were many lovely memories and gratifying experiences created, which fill us with pride and the positive energy that we need to keep working to give the best service to our guests.  If you want to book and plan your vacation with us, you can do so directly on our website or by email  See you next season!