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Tierra Patagonia Celebrates the Traditions of Torres del Paine

Tierra Hotels

Tierra Patagonia took center stage at the iconic 'Fiesta a la Chilena' in Villa Cerro Castillo, held between January 24th and 26th, 2024.

During this traditional event, the community and visitors alike witnessed a unique experience that blended the legacy of traditions with the outstanding sustainability and cultural preservation initiatives inherent to Patagonia.

Among the activities held during this festivity, folkloric performances stood out, highlighting the rich cultural tradition of the region and immersing attendees in the authenticity and charm of this remote place. Visitors also enjoyed equestrian and Creole skill events, paying homage to the pioneers who shaped this vast territory and faced unique challenges.

This initiative, enthusiastically supported by Tierra Patagonia as a sponsor, reflects our ongoing commitment to positively contribute to the community. We strongly believe in the transformative power of shared experiences and the positive impact they can have on preserving our invaluable natural and cultural heritage.

“At Tierra Hotels, we celebrate the traditions that connect us to our history and surroundings, and we take pride in being an active part of events that strengthen these bonds so crucial to the identity of our beloved Patagonia”, concluded Nicholas Russ, Manager of Tierra Patagonia.