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Tierra Patagonia Renovates for a New Season

For the 2023-2024 season, Tierra Patagonia has undertaken renovations and upgrades to further enhance the guest experience. The refresh focused on the common areas, with the addition of new sofas, tables, and decorative items from Chilean artisans.

The expanded hotel lounge features two large sofas perfect for guests to gather fireside and foster meaningful connections. New lounge chairs and wingback armchairs invite travelers to unwind with a cocktail or open a new book while soaking in the mountain views.

The window-side benches underneath the sweeping panoramic views now host elegant leather cushions. Small, practical wooden tables have also been interspersed throughout the public spaces.

Enhancing the Excursion Planning Experience

The space for guides to suggest and organize guest excursions has also undergone a transformation. The seating now showcases leather cushions, and a custom 3D map highlights the terrain of Torres del Paine National Park and the hotel’s prime positioning.

“This model was built from the official park map using AutoCAD software to recreate the topography across 22 layers of elevation points, mirroring the geomorphology and encircling the major regional lakes,” explains lead designer Alexandra Edwards.

Celebrating Local Culture

Importantly, each decorative item – from textiles to cartography – was produced by Chilean artisans. Honoring and incorporating local culture is central to the Tierra Patagonia ethos.

In addition to curating luxury experiences to the region’s top sights, Tierra Patagonia infuses local flavors into dining, spa treatments, and beyond.

Discover the wonders at the edge of the world through Tierra Patagonia’s tailored adventures. Book your stay here or reach out to We eagerly await your arrival!