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Weaving a better future

Macarena García


On the small island of Lemuy, in a town called Detif, in the Chiloé archipelago, lives Orieta Caucaman. She is dedicated to collecting the pieces of fishing nets that reach the shores of the beach every day, contaminating it and risking its wildlife.

Every day, she picks up different kinds of fishnet fibers. Once the fibers are washed and selected, Orieta begins to weave. She weaves small, medium and large baskets with different color combinations.

Her baskets, made 100% with reused plastic waste, are sold at local fairs and to neighbors. Today, Tierra Chiloé, together with Smartrip Foundation and Parley Chile, recognizes Orieta’s work, not only in cleaning the beaches every day to collect her raw material, but also to boost the reuse of these types of waste.

For this reason, Tierra Chiloé decided to support her, through beach clean-ups organized with volunteers, so that she can have large amounts of fibers, but also to keep the beautiful beach of Detif clean.

In addition, Tierra Chiloé incorporated Orieta´s delicate baskets in its shop, so that all guests can see the amazing work she does and also be able to take her own basket back home with them.