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What is Nature Bathing?

Diego Salas

Visitors to the archipelago of Chiloé have traditionally been received in a very warm, cordial way. This group of islands offers ancestral traditions and a rich cultural history, gastronomy and architecture that will make you feel welcome from the moment you lay your eyes on its beautiful natural landscapes.

After landing in either Castro or Puerto Montt, the route to Tierra Chiloé boasts entertaining and surprising landscapes with dream-come-true views for those who love adventure and discovering nature.

Tierra Chiloé hotel itself welcomes guests with a wonderful view of Pullao Marsh. Once received, guests are offered an activity that helps them leave behind the stress of the day-to-day, rest from their trip and connect with the natural beauty surrounding them in this special place.

Nature bathing is a practice that increases your well-being, facilitating a connection between nature and the senses. For this optional experience, a guide invites newly-arrived hotel guests to perform simple sensory exercises during a slow and contemplative walk.

Unlike a nature walk where you go in search of certain species or a trek with a specific destination, the goal of nature bathing is simply to “be” in the present moment and enjoy the different sensations and benefits that nature provides.

This practice, also known as forest bathing, has scientifically proven health benefits, such as reducing stress, strengthening the immune system, and improving sleep, cognitive function and mood. Nature bathing can also help strengthen relationships and bonds with others and with oneself, in addition to increasing levels of energy and creativity.

Recommendations for participating in nature bathing

At Tierra Chiloé, guided nature bathing usually lasts between 2 to 3 hours. We recommend you wear comfortable and layered clothing, since part of the experience occurs seated on the floor.

It is also advisable to carry a small backpack with a personal water bottle and sunscreen. If you have mobility restrictions, it is important to inform the hotel in advance.

Then all you have to do is let go and open your senses. Nature will give you the peace you need to enjoy the experience. Calming our body and mind may not be an easy task, but when one is in a safe and comfortable environment, it is much easier. The guide will support you and help you to remain focused.

You’ll love how relaxed nature’s healing energy makes you feel. The scents, sounds and textures of the island are a great way to connect with this very special place in southern Chile.

The staff at Tierra Chiloé also participates in the same type of nature bathing offered to guests at the hotel. All of them say that they have had very pleasant experiences and value both the physical and mental well-being resulting from the baths.

“At first I didn’t understand the practice, but later I realized its positive effects,” says Francisco Alarcón, head of excursions at Tierra Chiloé. “The guests are very grateful. Such a pleasant experience allows them to appreciate the beauty of this place even more,” he adds.

We invite you to discover the Chiloé archipelago, one of the most beautiful places in southern Chile, from a different perspective. If you want to visit Tierra Chiloé, relax at its holistic spa and connect with nature through its excursions and activities, write to us and plan every detail of your vacation with us. We look forward to seeing you!