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Why choose Tierra for your adventure travel in Chile?

At Tierra Hotels, we hold nature in the highest regard, embracing our responsibility to both protect the surrounding landscapes through sustainable practices, and create a deep connection with it in all that we do. Whether it’s the frosted peaks and deep lakes of Patagonia; the infinite starry skies and ethereal energy of Atacama; or the dazzling blue waters and lush, rolling hills of Chiloé; Tierra Adventure and Spa Hotels are at one with the lands that we call home. Our aim is to ensure adventure travellers to these remote areas of Chile experience unique and memorable adventure travel in South America.

Architecture and Design

At all three adventure spa hotels, our architecture is bold and inviting. Built with locally-sourced materials such as the lenga wood used in Tierra Patagonia, hand-made adobe in Tierra Atacama and the traditional shingles of Tierra Chiloé, our lodges in Chile take their inspiration from each destination, as well as the spirit of the land itself. Design features, like the ones in our rooms, are a reflection of the surrounding landscapes, with key elements and artefacts sourced from Chilean artisans. In all corners in and around each property, there’s always a direct connection with the land and its people, which to us is paramount for a true adventure travel experience.

Hospitality and Service

The desire for exceptional hospitality comes naturally to us. We fill our adventure spa hotels with great people, because we know that having a strong team means that our guests are best-placed for an adventure travel experience of a lifetime.

Daily guided Tours & Excursions

Tierra Hotels help you get under the skin of Patagonia, Chiloé and the Atacama Desert with excursions led by the most knowledgeable guides. Upon arrival at each hotel, one of our expert guides will sit down with you to get to know your personal interests and activity level, to create an excursion plan, customized just for you. From horseback riding to volcano climbing, hiking to stargazing tours, our extensive menu of activities is one of the things which sets us apart.

Spa and Wellness

At Tierra Hotels, we believe in balance, which is why we also focus on spa, wellness and absolute relaxation. Each lodge is filled with carefully calculated spaces designed specifically for unwinding, incorporating sweeping views, warm tones and our soothing Uma Spas. We have a long list of holistic treatments ranging from private outdoor baths to deep tissue massages and much, much more; the perfect remedy after a day of hiking or sightseeing. What’s more, during your adventure trip in Chile, a disconnection from modern life is all-too easy while with us, as you’ll find no TVs in the rooms and a slower pace of life that is distinctly Chilean.

All-inclusive adventure travel

Our dedication to the lands of the Atacama Desert, Chiloé island, and Patagonia – and the life within them, goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to providing guests with unforgettable memories. Our all-inclusive vacations take the hassle out of your trip because accommodation, dining, bar, excursions and transfers from the destination airports are all part of the program. We understand the importance of spending time with loved ones, immersing yourself in nature, while also restoring our minds and bodies, and help you achieve this by offering original, authentic travel adventures, combined with revitalizing wellness experiences and exquisite cuisine.


The local environments which surround our hotels are the source of inspiration in everything we do. This drives our efforts to simultaneously limit any direct impact on either the landscape or its wildlife, while respecting the cultural traditions and sensibilities of all nearby communities. At each one of our Tierra Hotels, we have a robust sustainability program and have been recognized nationally and internationally for them. We are always looking for new ways to ensure we adhere to our principle of protecting the environment and supporting the local communities.